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Industrial designer

Job description:
Responsible for all kinds of modeling design of computer cooling &     fan product.
1. Specialized industrial design graduation, bachelor degree or above;
2. Have modeling design basis, have keen insight and innovation ability, excellent
    hand-drawing ability;
3. Able to skillfully use 2D & 3D engineer designing software, have more
    comprehensive understanding of the product structure, materials and
    processing technology;
4. Have a strong sense of responsibility, good communication skills and team 
    cooperation ability.

Structure designer

Job description:
Responsible for designing the cooling & fan product of computer and its surrounding accessories and providing training and technical support.
1. Have computer cooling & fan products design experience, like for CPU, video card,
    hard disk, etc. Design the Structure of computer cooling & fan products;
2. Proficient in hardware, plastic parts with various structure and design,
    familiar with the metal parts, such as plastic material properties; Understand
    hardware (sheet metal), requirements of plastic mould design;
3. Have in-depth understanding of the computer cooling professional field, familiar 
    with cooler products of technology research and development, process flow,
    material structure and  performance. Have two years or above working experience
    of the relevant professional field;
4. Able to skillfully use 2D & 3D engineer designing software;
5. Able to work independently.

Assistant engineer
Job description:

Mechanical drawing, support for engineer related work.
1. College degree or above, major in engineering;
2. Work carefully, organized, and be good at communication;
3. Good at English like read and write;
4. Proficiency in the use of mapping software, such as CAD, etc.

Sales manager
Job description:

1. Responsible for channel market development, customer maintenance,
    Sales management, channel product promotion, marketing and sales, 
    meet sales targets;
2. Make their own sales strategy and sales plan, quantitative sales target;
3. Collect and look for customers resource, establish the customer file, and visit
    customers and develop new customers;
4. Sales cost budget, control cost of sales, and improve the sales profit;
5. Make demand plan and supply of goods;
6. Receiving business clientsand visitors, and overall coordinate daily work.
1. Marketing or IT hardware related professional graduation;
2. Has certain customer management experience;
3. Who interested in the DIY hardware interested is preferred;
4. Has the team cooperation spirit, can bear hard work, has the sense of 
    responsibility, outgoing;
5. Good communication skills, have a certain business negotiation skills.