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V81 is designed for mini or middle-size case, it have 8cm lowest-noise fan, connect 2 pcs heat pipe with pure aluminium base by seamless fitting technology, directly contact with the CPU, support for all CPU.


※ For all CPU:
    Intel LGA1156/1155/775, AMD FM1/AM3+/AM3/AM2+/AM2;
※ Connect 2pcs heat pipe with pure aluminium base by seamless fitting technology, 
    efficient absorption of heat ;
※ Mirror process bottom, heat pipe directly contact with CPU, the highest heat dissipation;
※ Efficiency cooling & low-noise fan, supper heat pissipation;
※ Pure aluminum fins, stamping dragon grain, beautiful and increase the cooling area;
※ Multi-platform buckle bracket, convenient installation and use;  
※ Mini size, can used for more cases.


  Product Dimensions   107(L)×68(W)×118(H) mm
  Material   pure aluminium fins / 2 pcs Ø6mm  heat pipe
  Fan Dimensions   85×85×25 mm
  Fan Speed   2500 RPM ±10%
  Air Flow   38 CFM ±10%
  Bearing Type   Hydraumatic
  Noise   18 dBA ±10%
  Rated Voltage   12 VDC
  Rated Current    0.18±0.02 A
  Life    40,000 Hours
  Weight   268g